About us

Our furry friends’ lives are often too short, and we aim to create a lasting memorial piece for pet lovers to cherish forever. Introducing the Woolever Friend, each lovingly handcrafted using 100% natural wool materials and an exceptional attention to detail.

The warmth of the wool material, derived from living creatures, imparts a sense of comfort and familiarity, just like our pets. By repeatedly inserting a needle into the wool and rotating it, the wool fibers intertwine and lock together, eventually forming a firm, round shape. This process allows our artists to add wool as needed, sculpting the perfect likeness of your beloved pet.

The true magic of a Woolever Friend goes beyond the handcrafting process. Our artists devote time and attention to every detail, capturing not only your pet’s physical appearance but also the unique bond between pet and owner. By infusing each creation with the love and shared memories between you and your pet, we create a Woolever Friend that radiates warmth and affection.

Many of our customers tell us they shed tears upon receiving their Woolever Friend, and this makes us proud. It means we’ve successfully captured the essence of their pet, creating a lasting tribute to the love they shared.