About us

The life of our furry friend is too short. We want to create a memorial piece for pet lovers that can be kept forever. So here it is: the Woolever Friend. All our Woolever Friends are 100% handmade using natural wool material with love and attention to detail.

The wool material itself is derived from life and has a sense of temperature, so the woolen sculpture is warm and friendly, just like our pets. By inserting the needle into the wool over and over while turning the wool, it continues to pull wool into itself and the wool, with its tiny scales, locks together. Continued stabbing and turning results in a firm, round shape. Once there is a basic shape to start with, wool is added where it is needed to form a sculpture.

The magic doesn’t come from the handcraft alone. It takes time, and our artists pay attention to every detail in order to capture the likeness of your furry friend. While making wool felt, we also collect the moving feelings and stories between the pet and its owner and instill them in every work, so that people can feel the love and power in our Woolever Friend.

Our customers often write to us say they cried when they received their Woolever Friend. We are happy to hear that because we managed to catch the soul of their pet.

High Quality Wool

We only use 100% organic Australian sheep wool. 

Needle Felting Technique

Our artists use the needle felting technique, 100% handmade with love and attention to detail.

Custom Made

Each one of Woolever Friend is original and unique, and is custom made based on the photo of real pet.