Most frequent questions and answers

Every Woolever Friend is custom made for only your pet with the technique of needle felting using 100% natural soft wool. Basically, needle felting is using a needle by hand to compress the wool fibers together to certain textures and shapes. The nose and mouth of the Woolever Friend are also handmade. For a full-body Woolever Friend, there is a wireframe inside them to support the stability and mobility of the paws and tail. Here is a video that shows how they come to life in About Us.

Each one of them is original and unique and is custom-made based on the photo of a real pet. For people who don’t know about wool felting, it is very time-consuming. Felting a pet head can take up to 3 days with tens of thousands of needle insertions. The process of making the head of a long-haired pet is more difficult and time-consuming than making a short-haired pet’s head.

During the production process, pictures/videos will be sent to you for review. If there is any dissatisfaction, we will discuss and modify them together to make sure they looks like your pet as much as possible. We pay attention to details and ensure to embody your pet’s uniqueness. 

Please note that we do our very best to ensure that your Woolever Friend captures the characteristics and likeness of your pet to the absolute best of our abilities. However, due to different electronic devices displaying color differently, the color of your Woolever Friend may vary slightly. We cannot guarantee your Woolever Friend is 100% exactly like your pet because of the limitations of the texture of the wool material and the needle felting technique.

Because every Woolever Friend is 100% handmade, it really takes time. We are currently expecting up to 2-6 months to have the portrait completed (estimated turnaround time is shown on the product page), plus up to 4 weeks of shipping depending on where you are located. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Pet’s real fur, ash, whiskers and teeth can be added into the portrait upon on request. Mailing address for you to send the items will be provided after you place the order.