Most frequent questions and answers

Each Woolever Friend is custom-made exclusively for your pet using the needle felting technique with 100% natural, soft wool. Needle felting involves compressing wool fibers together by hand to create specific textures and shapes. The nose and mouth of each Woolever Friend are also handmade. Full-body Woolever Friends include a wireframe to support the stability and mobility of the paws and tail. You can learn more about how we create these unique pieces in our About Us section.


Every Woolever Friend is original, unique, and crafted based on real pet photos. The process of wool felting is time-consuming; creating a pet’s head alone can take up to three days with tens of thousands of needle insertions. Long-haired pets require more time and effort than short-haired ones.

Throughout the production process, we’ll send you pictures and videos for review. If you have any concerns, we’ll discuss and make modifications to ensure your Woolever Friend closely resembles your pet. We pay attention to detail and strive to capture your pet’s unique qualities.
Please note that while we do our best to accurately depict your pet’s likeness, slight variations in color may occur due to differences in electronic device displays. Additionally, the texture of wool material and limitations of the needle felting technique may prevent a 100% exact match.

As each Woolever Friend is handmade, the process takes time. Our current estimated turnaround time is 3-10 months for completion (refer to the product page for specific estimates), with an additional 2-4 weeks for shipping, depending on your location. We appreciate your understanding and patience.

Upon request, we can incorporate your pet’s real fur, ash, whiskers, or teeth into the portrait. After placing your order, we’ll provide you with a mailing address for sending them.