Photo Guide

We can only meet your pet through the photos you provide, so please make sure the photo catches the real fur color and its unique features.  We want to create the most accurate representation of your beloved pet, so please provide us the best quality photos of your pet in order to help us make you satisfied.
  • Please use a camera has high enough resolution and upload the original size photo. 
  • No Filters
  • The photo should be taken in daylight and outdoor conditions, but avoid direct sunlight.
  • If your pet has unique features, like birth mark or different eye colors it’s best to take a close up photo of it so these features can be captured.
  • If you are ordering a full body model, please submit at least one picture of face, back, chest, tail, paws and both sizes of the body.

Low Resolution


Poor Lighting

A greater Swiss mountain dog puppy from a private collection in Choussy, France.

Good Resolution


Good Lighting

care instructions

  • Please keep in mind that Woolever Friends are NOT TOYS. They contain glass (eyes) and metal wiring (frame/armature), which can pose choking hazards and be potentially dangerous. For safety reasons, please keep out of the reach of children and pets.
  • It is best to display it behind glass and avoid direct sunlight.
  • Do not wash it; gently use a comb to remove the dust if needed.
  • Do not pull on loose fibers; carefully trim the loose edges if they get snagged.
  • Avoid pulling on legs and ears.


Please understand that the exact color of the finished artwork can differ slightly. This is due to various machines displaying colors differently, and these colors can be seen differently by anyone. It is important to note that Woolever Friends are not true replicas of your own pet, although most of our clients tell us that it “looks so real”. Although we do our absolute best to capture your pet’s likeness, we work within the natural limitations of wool material and the techniques of needle felting.