Choosing Your Ideal MWF Creation

Within our MWF collection, you're presented with an array of charming options. To assist you in making the perfect selection, let's delve into each choice:

1. **Framed Portraits**: Our flagship framed portraits, perched elegantly within their frames, are a customer favorite. Measuring a substantial 7 inches in both width and height, these masterpieces can extend to 8-10 inches with the addition of optional paw features. These intricately detailed pieces boast an impressive likeness accuracy of 95% or more. Crafting a framed portrait takes around 25-40 hours. 

2. **Full Body Figurines**: For those seeking a comprehensive representation of their beloved pets, our full body figurines are an excellent choice. These figurines can be customized to capture your pet's unique pose. The larger size affords greater detail but does entail additional crafting hours, spanning from 20 to 60 hours, depending on the size and fur pattern intricacies. It's important to note that while these figurines capture your pet's full body, the head may not be as finely detailed as our framed portraits.

3. **Mini Figurines**: Our petite mini figurines are undeniably adorable. Sized at 7-10 cm on their longest dimension, these tiny wonders require delicate and meticulous craftsmanship. Despite their size, they demand significant expertise, as they include pint-sized details, with hand-painted eyes as small as 2-3 mm.  These mini figurines can be customized to mimic your pet's signature pose. Although they're challenging to create due to their size, they are perfect for those who adore the cute and compact.

4. **Customized Ornaments**: Our charming customized ornaments are a delightful and budget-friendly option. These scaled-down versions of framed portraits measure approximately 8-10 cm in width. Portable and versatile, they can be carried with you wherever you go, framed, or even displayed within a glass dome. These ornaments make wonderful additions to your Christmas tree, offering both affordability and intricate detailing.

Selecting your ideal MWF option comes down to your preferences, the level of detail you desire, and your patience for the crafting process. Each choice has its unique appeal, ensuring a cherished representation of your furry companion.

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