Installment Plan Instruction


This plan allows you to split the total payment into FOUR (4) equal installments, paid monthly. Please note that we will only commence work on your order after receiving the full payment. If you decide to cancel any remaining payments, refer to our order cancellation policy.

Currently we only have installment plans for our framed portraits.

Payment Link for Framed Pet Portrait-Dog

Payment Link for Framed Pet Portrait-Cat

Detailed Steps:

  1. Initial Payment:

    • Make the first installment at the beginning of the plan using your chosen payment method.
  2. Automatic Monthly Payments:

    • Subsequent installments will be deducted automatically from the same payment method each month.
    • Ensure sufficient funds are available for these deductions.
  3. Payment Notifications:

    • Confirmation emails will be sent after each installment.
  4. Turnaround Time and Processing:

    • The turnaround time includes the 4-month installment period.
    • For products with an original turnaround time of 4 months or less, an additional 1 month is needed to process the order, totaling 5 months.
  5. Cancellation and Refund Policy:

Contact Information: For any queries or issues regarding the installment plan, please contact our support team at