Care Instruction

Maintenance and Preservation Tips:

Purposeful Display:

  • The wool sculptures are intended solely for display, not as toys.
  • Instead of regular combs or brushes, use a large needle to delicately groom the fur.
  • Trim stray strands without applying excessive force.
  • Optimal protection entails showcasing creations behind glass and away from direct sunlight.

Cleaning and Handling Guidelines:

  • Avoid using damp cloths or tape for dust removal.
  • Utilize a small vacuum to eliminate dust, ensuring all parts of the sculpture are secured.
  • Prior to handling, thoroughly wash hands to prevent the accumulation of oils.
  • Consistent upkeep is simpler than attempting to restore cleanliness later.

Poor Lighting

Good Lighting

Low Resolution

High Resolution

We can only meet your pet through the photos you provide, so please make sure the photo catches the real fur color and its unique features.  We want to create the most accurate representation of your beloved pet, so please provide us the best quality photos of your pet in order to help us make you satisfied.

  • Please use a camera has high enough resolution and upload the original size photo. 
  • No Filters
  • The photo should be taken in daylight and outdoor conditions, but avoid direct sunlight.
  • If your pet has unique features, like birth mark or different eye colors it’s best to take a close up photo of it so these features can be captured.
  • If you are ordering a full body model, please submit at least one picture of face, back, chest, tail, paws and both sizes of the body.