Crafting a Cherished Memory: The Needle Felted Portrait of Charley

Crafting a Cherished Memory: The Needle Felted Portrait of Charley

Introduction to the Project

As a needle felting artist, I was approached by Paige for a heartfelt project: creating a portrait of her beloved cat, Charley. This commission was more than just an artistic endeavor; it was about capturing the essence of a cherished relationship that has spanned over 16 years.

The Deep Connection Between Paige and Charley

Paige's story with Charley is deeply touching. She has had him since she was nine, forming an unbreakable bond over the years. Now, as Charley bravely battles lymphoma and other illnesses, Paige faces the painful reality of his limited time. Charley, currently 16 years old, isn't expected to live more than a year, making this portrait a significant and poignant piece for Paige.

The Artistic Process

The creation of Charley's portrait began with understanding his unique features. As a Blue Point Ragdoll, Charley has a distinct fur pattern, from grey paws to a tannish chest, and captivating sky-blue eyes. Paige provided detailed descriptions and reference photos, emphasizing his 'mittens'—an extra finger on both front paws—and his playful tongue.

Initial Reveal and Adjustments

Paige's first glimpse of the portrait was met with an outpouring of emotions. While she was touched by the overall representation, she provided valuable feedback for adjustments. This is a crucial part of the process - ensuring every detail resonates with the client’s vision. She pointed out areas for refinement. These adjustments were crucial in bringing the portrait closer to what Charley truly represents for Paige.

The Final Portrait: A Symbol of Love and Memory

After making the necessary adjustments, the final portrait resonated deeply with Paige. It wasn't just a faithful representation of Charley's appearance; it encapsulated the years of love, companionship, and joy he brought into Paige's life. This needle felted portrait became a symbol of their enduring bond, a tangible memory for Paige to cherish as a reminder of her beloved Charley.


This project was more than just a commission; it was a journey into the heart of a unique human-animal bond. The completed portrait of Charley stands as a testament to the love and memories Paige holds dear, a keepsake of a friendship that has been a significant part of her life. As an artist, it was an honor to contribute to preserving such a beautiful relationship in the form of needle felt art.

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Anne smith

Anne smith

These are beautiful pls notify me when you are doing commissions

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