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Haru's Unbreakable Bond: Crafting a Portrait of Love

Haru's Unbreakable Bond: Crafting a Portrait of Love

At the age of 13, Haru, a beloved canine companion, has been through his share of ups and downs. Haru's journey began over a decade ago when he became a cherished member of his owner's family. Their bond was instant and profound, a connection that transcended words and was marked by love, loyalty, and countless shared moments. Over the years, they faced life's challenges together, but Haru's recent battle with DKA and his ongoing struggle with blindness were some of the most trying times they had faced. Around four years ago, Haru's world took a drastic turn when he was diagnosed with cataracts. Recently, Haru's health took a downturn. It was a harrowing experience for both Haru and his owner as they navigated the challenging world of medical treatments and hospital stays. 

The MWF Project: In an effort to immortalize Haru's spirit and the incredible journey they had shared, Haru's family commissioned us to make a wool portrait of their beloved canine companion. This portrait was not to be just any portrait; it would be a tangible representation of Haru's enduring spirit and the love they shared.

Incorporating Haru's Essence: To make the portrait truly unique, Haru's family decided to incorporate elements that were deeply symbolic of their journey together. They collected Haru's fur, a tangible connection to their beloved dog, and sent it to us. We understanding the significance of the fur, was honored to weave it into the very fabric of the portrait. Additionally, Haru's collar, which had accompanied him on countless adventures, was also sent to us to be integrated into the artwork.

The Artistic Process: The creation of Haru's portrait was a labor of love that spanned over 40 painstaking hours. Every detail, from the tip of his nose to the texture of his fur, was meticulously crafted by hand. The eyes were painted to replicate Haru's blind eyes, capturing the depth of his spirit even in darkness. The artist focused on every nuance of Haru's features, ensuring that each stroke of the brush reflected the unique essence of Haru.

Haru's real fur was not just added as a simple touch; it was incorporated into both the base and the surface of the portrait, creating a tangible connection between the artwork and the living being it represented. Each strand of fur became a symbol of the countless moments of joy and companionship shared between Haru and his family.

The Result: The portrait that emerged was nothing short of extraordinary. It captured not just Haru's physical likeness but also his indomitable spirit, the strength he displayed in the face of adversity, and the love that bound him and his family together. The fur and the collar were seamlessly woven into the artwork, serving as a constant reminder of the cherished memories they had created together.

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Jessica Verock

Jessica Verock

Your sculptures are AMAZING! They are so realistic and accurate. I’m sure you have brought comfort and joy to many. I cried just looking at your beautiful creations.

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